Questionnaire- Health Benefits of Organic Products

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In this blog we are going to add Questionnaire- Health Benefits of Organic Products. Here you will  find resolution of your query. There is a great benefits of using chemical free products in your daily life. Organic product boost your immunity power. We will add blogs in this section and also if you are having any kind of doubts then feel free to send us. We feel happy to provide you the answer for your questions.

Question 1- Is organic food having less harmful effect on the human and environment?

Answer- Yes, organic food consumption is secure for human as well as environment. Using of organic food in diet will increase immunity and as no any chemical added in it so it doesn’t lead you towards a severe disease. For environment point of view, as due to lack of pesticide and wider diversity of plants increases biodiversity results in good soil quality and reduction in pollution. So, we can say that we provide you the best organic products thus, we add our contribution towards community and environment as well. If you need any clarification on our products feel free to contact us at 99142-91325 or visit at

Question 2- what are the effect of non-organic food on human body?

Answer- In the modern era, foods grow with the help of lots of chemical fertilizer, pesticides and also by killing insects. Some dishonest farmer adopts unhealthy means to increase their production and that turns in non-organic food with lots of health risk. Eating non organic food means to accumulate toxins in your body and that leads you to more complicated diseases. So be careful while you eating food in the name of fresh food or organic products. we as Bansal Enterprices ( provides you the best natural food at your doorstep. You can contact us at contact us at 99142-91325.

Question 3- How effective are organic food after the age of 70?

Answer- Nutrition needs as you reach at 60 years of your age. So at this age you will need healthy food and drink as well. That is your food choice must be different from your younger age. You must eat plenty of water (at least 6-8 glass a day). Must limit high saturated fat food from your diet. You must eat pure organic food, such as organic fruits and vegetables in your diet & must add pulses in your diet those are free from chemical/pesticide. We also care our old age group, so we as Bansal Enterprices ( provides you the best natural food at your doorstep. You may also contact us at 99142-91325.

Question 4- What are the benefits of organic food?

Answer- Organic food have a great advantage over non-organic food. There is no any health related issue in eating organic food. No any chemical/pesticide added in it so it will not accumulate any toxin in human body. Thus, reducing the risk of any severe disease in human body. We as Bansal Enterprices ( provides you the best natural food at your doorstep. Feel free to contact us at 99142-91325.

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    Sharath B

    Wow! such a beautiful article. I read it in full. Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I appreciate your excellent article. Every parent wants to make their child an ideal person. Nowadays everyone prefers to take organic organic food and products


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