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MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat- MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat is a pure & natural refresher. It includes goodness of Almond, Shankh-pushpi and Brahmi Booti. Shankh-pushpi and Brahmi Booti also increases memory (As per Ayurveda). About MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat- It is a perfect gift for summer. A perfect gift that ...
MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits- A mixture of pure coconut, butter, sugar. It gives you a real taste of purity.
The true taste of Indian Mixed pickle.
MSG Sharbat-E-Dilkhush- MSG Sharbat-E-Dilkhush is a gift for summers. It is madeup from pure Rose Water. Keep this while travelling in summers. It made up from real rose leaflet. MSG sharbat is good for consumption with ice-creams, Lassi or puddings. Its cooling effect is long-lasting. It instantly smoother the ...

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