MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits /100gm

MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits- A mixture of pure coconut, butter, sugar. It gives you a real taste
of purity.

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MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits-

Coconut Crunch Biscuits are sweet and delicious. Using garden-fresh coconut for this recipe will increase up the vitamin B6 level so much that it can be considered as a great source for vitamin B6. MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits are relatively easy to digest & delicious taste wise.

Brief about MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits-

1. It is a pure vegetarian product.

2. It’s shelf Life is six Months.

3. It is made up with Coconut Cookies

4. Once you purchase MSG Coconut Crunch Biscuits you have to keep it in a Cool & Dry Place.

5. Enhanced with fibres.

6. 100% atta biscuits and enriched with cow’s milk.

Manufacturing process-

Biscuits made from whole wheat flour, edible vegi oil, ghee, Cow milk, coconut powder. Sugar and acidity regulator, edible salt,baking powder is added in it. All process follows under FSSAI guidelines. All ingredients taken are highly pure form and not adding any impurity in it. MSG’s Coconut Crunch is the perfect combination of coconut, butter and flour. All these ingredient makes the biscuit real crunchy and tasty. So, to taste the buttery coconut, have a bite of MSG’s Coconut Crunch biscuit.

So take a well-deserved break with wholesome MSG Biscuits. Simple and delicious, enjoy MSG Coconut Biscuits as an energy snack with tea or coffee. Cholesterol free & Zero transfats. Get the real taste of milk and wheat with its every bite.

Availability at-

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