MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat /750 Lt.



MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat-

MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat is a pure & natural refresher. It includes goodness of Almond, Shankh-pushpi and Brahmi Booti. Shankh-pushpi and Brahmi Booti also increases memory (As per Ayurveda).

About MSG Brahmi Badam Sharbat-

  • It is a perfect gift for summer.
  • A perfect gift that is tasty and refreshing beverage.
  • It prepared with extracts of Almond, Shankh-pushpi  & Brahmi Booti. These extract works as natural herbs. As per Ayurveda, Brahmi and shankhpushpi also improves memory.
  • Its regular use protects from strikes that generates via heat . It will also rejuvenate the body and thus, provides freshness.
  • It provides tastes best with cold milk or as a dressing to ice-creams & salads.
  • Resultantly, we can say that it will provide- Taste and freshness.
  • It is pure and organic in nature. There will be no any chemical or preservative added in it.  Thus, it doesn’t adds harm to your and your family health. If you will use MSG Brahmi product in summer you will feel freshness in your body.
  • In Ayurveda, there will be a great use of Almond, Shankh-pushpi & Brahmi Booti is given.
  • Brahmi has a bitter and sweet taste. It transmits cooling energy and it will Believe that it sharpen the brain. Shankh-pushpi also treat disorder of nervous system. Last but not least, Almonds- It will contain lots of healthy fats, protein, fiber & vitamin E. Almonds lower blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol levels. Their regular use can reduce hunger and promote weight loss.  Almond includes magnesium and nutrients which promote hair growth.

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