MSG Masala Jaggery is alternative to refined sugar

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In MSG Jaggery we use most nutritious sugar canes. MSG Masala Jaggery is rich in minerals and vitamins. It Boosts immunity and detoxifies the body. No chemical added in MSG Masala Jaggery. Natural farming techniques for growing sugar canes.

Brief about MSG Jaggery-

Organic Jaggery  is produced from sugarcane. Sugarcane cultivated in organic farms. Farms are spread across India without any application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides in it. Unlike refined sugar that is coming from chemical processing, Gur/Jaggery retains minerals and vitamins in it, and hence is a healthy, nutrient and rich sweetener in taste.

MSG Jaggery has following benefits-

1. Sweetener :

It doesn’t adds sweetness but also provides some extra burst of taste.

2. Instant Energy Booster :

Jaggery is great mine of carbohydrates , which go into our body and boost our energy level. It also contains complex carbohydrates which take time to get dissolved, absorbed in our system, thus slowly releasing energy. This process provides energy for extended period without increasing sugar level of body.

3. Great Digestive Agent :

MSG Gur (Jaggery) activates the digestive enzymes. This changes to acetic acid in the stomach, so speeding up digestion. It will reducing strain on the intestines & digestive tract.

4. Cleansing Agent :

It effectively cleanses the respiratory tracts, lungs & food pipe. It also cleans the stomach and intestines & pulls out dust and unwanted particles from the body, while giving relief us from constipation.

5. Blood Purifier : 

Jaggery’s cleansing properties helps in purifying the blood. It is rich in iron content so it helps in the production of blood. This is good for those people who are anemic or whose red blood cells are not produced.

6. Good for Skin and Hair :

It also works as blood purifying agent. Jaggery ensures the goodness of health. By its regular uses it will also helps to treat pimples and provides a glow to the skin.

7. Weight loss :

A storehouse of an important minerals which also include potassium. Due to which it helps to control the retention of water in our body. This factors will helps to reduce weight loss.

8. Joint Pain Reliever : 

When MSG Jaggery/Gur is consumed with ginger, it acts as a perfect joint pain reliever. Its regular use also makes the muscles stronger.

9. Warming Effect :

Due to carbohydrates in Jaggery it gets time to digest, it gives warmth to the body.

10. Increases Immunity :

MSG Jaggery  is fully loaded with minerals and antioxidants, helps to prevent free-radical damage. It will also increase/boost resistance against infections.

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