MSG Khichdi /500gm

MSG Premium Khichdi- in MSG Khichdi there are vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres which are crucial for overall health. It is Made with All Natural ingredients. No any added Colors, Flavors and Preservatives in it.

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MSG Khichdi-

Madeup with long grain rice and Split yellow mungbeans. MSG Khichdi includes nutrients like copper, manganese and phosphorus in it. It is great for breakfast and lunch option. It is Organic in every Grain. our aim is to bring 100% safe, toxin-free organic food to your family straight from nature. With each bite, you will love the real flavors of each ingredient you taste. Bansal Enterprices Mubarikpur, Dera Bassi provides you MSG Khichdi Organic Khichdi.

Benifits of MSG Khichdi-

1. Nutritious & Chemical free-

It is includes full Nutrition in it. If you eat natural and safe food, you get the best of nutrition. It is having organic veggies, and multigrain. Farming practice of our farmer is chemical free. It is packed natural & toxin-free. MSG products are not packed in chemical-laden plastic packaging which contributes to waste. our motto is to provide healthy food in every aspect.

2. Making strong immune system-

Studies have shown that organic food products are more nutritious and tastier. Food products which are grown with chemical use are not tasty & nutritious. It is purely organic. Organic food protects us from heart disease and cancer. They contain phenolic compounds that Help in building a strong immune system. Strong immune system preventing diseases & cures illness thus helps to lead a healthy life. Studies show higher nutrient levels in Organic food. Organic foods have higher amount of nutrients. It helps ease digestion, & is hence recommended by Doctors during illness for fast recovery. In India Khichdi is also first solid meal for baby.

3. Balances Doshas-

MSG Khichdi is Gluten free. It inherits enough nutrition and really light for stomach. Khichdi is one of the most healing meal in Ayurveda. It balances all three doshas- Kapha, Pitta and Vatta. A five day Khichdi fast is very popular in Ayurveda. According to ancient plain khichdi will cleanse the system and help in strengthen memory.

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