MSG Premium Mishri Dana /100gm



MSG Premium Mishri Dana-

MSG Premium Mishri Dana is an un-refined form of sugar. Thus, it consider a healthy when compared to table sugar. It used in different ways like- To sweeten the milk / tea. It also used to decorate desserts and it also provides some natural remedies to cure various health related problems.

MSG Premium Mishri Dana-

  • Mishri Dana is hygienically packed and meet the food safety standard.
  • No any added preservative or colors in it. Thus, it is not harmful for your health and your family health.
  • Mishri crystals were grown as result of cooling super-saturated sugar solution & final product is known as Mishri.
  • Mishri has been used in different-different Ayurvedic medicines and is Proved to be effective against cough related diseases. It just clears cough and soothes the oral cavity. Just take some pieces of mishri and keep it in your mouth (not to chew it) just swallow its juice. It loosens up mucus which provides quick relief.
  • It is (Mishri) is also great in breathing problem when it taken with kali mirch and malai. Just add 2 tablespoon of malai and a pinch of kali mirch and take the mixture before going to bed at night. You will feel the difference within a week and simply you will fond of  MSG products.
  • Mishri is helpful in curing stomachache (pet dard) when its intake with with neem leaves. Take 10-12 neem leaves and 10 gram of mishri, Pet dard (stomachache) will be banished within few seconds.

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