MSG Detergent Powder /1kg



MSG Detergent Powder-

MSG Detergent Powder removes all stains like – coffee, haldi, grease, etc. it includes rose and chandan fragrance. Gives optical brightness that sparkling whiteness.

Brief about MSG Detergent Powder-

1. It will provide three in one solutions, that is: Freshness, Softness and Brightness to cloths. Make them shiny.
2. Its easy dissolution formula penetrates and removes the tough dirt from the cloths. Thus, provide stainless cloths.
3. Expert Detergent Powder provides fragrance to cloths that leaves them smelling fresh.
4. It is suitable for whites and colored clothes. It makes white cloths more white and doesn’t remove color of colored cloths.
5. Most important it is Safe on hands. That is it take care of your cloths well. As some ordinary detergent in which chemical is present makes hand rough.

How to use MSG Detergent Powder-

Just add two tea spoon of Detergent Powder in a bucket full of water. Its stain removing formula works well on stains and remove them without changing colors of cloths. It is effective in removing stains in hard water with an extra whitening property. Its pack should store in cool and dry place. Last but not least, it contains all fabric formula in it. By use of Detergent Powder your clothes will refine. White cloths will be more whiter and shiny.

Availability at-

MSG Detergent Powder is available with Bansal Enterprices, Mubarikpur, Dera Bassi in state of Punjab. Bansal Enterprices are an authorized retail store in Mubarikpur, Dera Bassi, Lalru. We provide your the best MSG products at your doorsteps. We also ensure free and hassle free delivery to our customers. Customers are on top priority for us. We provide you healthy and organic MSG products. Products which are good and safe for you and your family. Feel free to call us or visit our product list for more detail.

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