MSG White Laundry Soap /1kg

MSG White Laundry Soap- it is Made up from 100% Pure Vegetable Oil and Developed with Coconut Oil. It Gentle on your clothes and on your hands. It ensures that tough stains are to be removed from you clothes. It is appropriate for whites and colored garments. It gives great shine. It Removes tough stains such as tea, coffee, ketchup etc.

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MSG White Laundry Soap-

It makes with 100% Pure Vegetable oil. It Augmented with Coconut Oil which adds fragrances in washing soap. MSG White laundry soap is safe on hands and generous on clothes. It Saves water with a minimum usage of water.

Products Pros-

1. MSG White Soap made from 100% Pure Vegetable Oil & Enriched with Coconut Oil.
2. It is Gentle on both that is on your clothes and also on your hand. Ordinary white laundry soaps are made up with chemicals & they have bad effect on our hands as well. Due to the chemical reaction our hand got dried and some time feel cracks in our hands. While use of MSG White soap will provide you hassle free from all these kind of issues.
3. It also ensures tough stain removal. Its stain removal technique removes all stains from your cloths. By use of MSG soap your cloths get original shine back.
4. MSG white laundry soap is suitable for whites and colored clothes. By its use white cloths gets more whiter & no color is removed in case of colored cloths. It take care of your cloths.
5. It gives shine to our cloths with less or no efforts.
6. MSG Laundry soap also removes tough stains such as tea, coffee or turmeric. It also removes tough stains of ketchup and chocolate from your cloths or from your dinner table cloths.

Availability at-

MSG white laundry soap available with Bansal Enterprices, Mubarikpur, Dera Bassi in state of Punjab. Bansal Enterprices are an authorized retail store in Mubarikpur, Dera Bassi, Lalru. We provide your the best MSG products at your doorsteps. We also ensure free and hassle free delivery to our customers. Customers are on top priority for us. We provide you healthy and organic MSG products. Products which are good and safe for you and your family. Feel free to call us or visit our product list for more detail.

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