MSG Immu Boost /100gm



Immu boost- An Immunity Booster

To keep you healthy, MSG brands present Immu boost for you and your family. It is a natural immunity booster. Immu boost is made up of natural herbs which will protect your body. Immu boost specially make your body resistance against diseases and infections. It strengthens the body to fight various diseases. Immu boost is a medicine made from 100% natural herbs. It is natural so it doesn’t have any side effects on our body.

It is specially designed to enhance the immunity of the body, to provide resistance and protection against diseases and infections. So feel free and order us for having IMMU BOOST. Bansal Enterprices Mubarikpur, Dera Bassi provides you this magical natural herb at your doorstep. It’s just a phone call away from you. Its price is as low as anyone can have this immunity booster (Rs.10/- pouch). If your order exceeds 500 pouches, then we will provide you a special discount.

Method of making MSG Immu Boost-

Take a glass of water and insert immu boost packed herbs in it. Boil on low flame until it’s quantity remains 50%. Sieve the decoction (Kadha) water in a glass and drink it. You may add 1 teaspoon of honey (1 teaspoon)/ jaggery (Gurh) by asking your medical consultant.

Immu Boost is Ideal for-

It helps in boosting the immunity power of body.

It is also helpful in recurrent disease conditions like Cough, Cold, Bodyache, Fever

Bansal Enterprices-

We Bansal Enterprices deals in MSG products and provided these natural products at all nearby areas. These products are farm-fresh products and free from any harmful pesticides. we also officer door delivery to our customers. Free delivery to customers who make their products order Rs.4000/-. In today’s era, there is the uncertainty of product freshness and quality, MSG brand provides you the best quality and fresh products. If you are having any query, Feel free to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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