MSG Kasnip Cough & Cold Relief Syrup /200ml

MSG Kasnip Cough & Cold Relief Syrup- this syrup used to Fast relief from cold and cough. It is operative for handling dry irritating, allergic cough. It includes Natural healing through herbs and it is fully made by ayurvedic medicines so Not having any side effects.

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MSG Kasnip Cough & Cold Relief Syrup-

It fights a dry and productive cough. The key ingredients in it are- Pudina Hara (Mint) and Mulethi.  These ingredients provide relief from cough and respiratory infections. Syrup will provide fast relief from cough and cold. It is effective in dry cough and also suitable for irritating, allergic and smoking effects.

About MSG Kasnip Cough & Cold Relief Syrup-

MSG Kasnip Cough & Cold Relief Syrup is natural and no any side effect. MSG Kasnip Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine. It combats with dry and productive cough. It clears respiratory infections. Brand MSG dedicated for quality products. Quality control measures with world-class laboratories. It improve its products by research and innovation. MSG products meets Organic, Premium, and Standard set for products. MSG Kasnip Cough & Cold Relief Syrup is made up with natural herbs. It is so pure that it has no any side effect or harm to you.  When ever you feel sick try MSG Syrup and you will feel energetic. MSG Syrup will clear congestion and making breath easy.

Pros of Product-

Studies shows that drinking honey and lemon juice  may help in cough. MSG Syrup also having these ingredients in it. It will also adds other special herbs in it. All ingredients are chosen by medical experts and tested by experts in world class laboratories. All products of MSG are natural and hand picked. No any chemical or preservative adds in MSG products. This is also clear that MSG products are organic and free from any kind of impurities. Other cough syrup have side effects like dizziness, drowsiness, blurred vision,  vomiting and nausea, sleeping trouble or headache. MSG brand syrup is not having any kind of above said issues. These are quality products and trusted in whole country and brand expands its branches all across the country.

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Bansal Enterprices Dera Bassi, Mubarikpur is also one of its (MSG/Dera Sacha Sauda) Product’s branch. We provide all kind of MSG products in nearby area.

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