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MSG Basmati Rice- Msg’s basmati rice is double in size and so popular for its taste & lovely smell. Rice includes minerals like iron and b vitamins such as thiamine, floate etc. rice rich in proteins. After cooking rice doubles up and used for making delicious kheer, pulao & upma etc.
MSG Besan (Gram Flour)- Natural & pure ingredients with the nutrition of channa dal. It contatins High protein content. Packed in Hygienic matter so that the aroma retains in it. Grinding with advanced grinding process so that its aroma of channa dal retains.
Desi Cow Ghee- also detoxifying agent. Desi ghee has also been called fattening, which is not true. it is a main in Ayurvedic healing practices.  cow ghee is the most powerful healing food. Desi ghee’s some nutrients have proven real in boosting weight loss, improving digestion and relieving swelling. MSG ...
MSG Garam Masala- Enhances the taste in food. Contains only pure and genuine ingredients in it.
 MSG Masala Jaggery is alternative to refined sugar
Jeera (cumin seed) is a popular spice. Jeera used for its strong fragrance and bitter warm taste. Commonly used after frying or roasting. Jeera powder of roasted seed is also broadly used.
MSG Premium Khichdi- in MSG Khichdi there are vitamins, minerals and dietary fibres which are crucial for overall health. It is Made with All Natural ingredients. No any added Colors, Flavors and Preservatives in it.
MSG Macaroni- MSG Macaroni Made From 100% Suji. Prepared with great hygiene. No chemical added in MSG Macaroni.

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